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Above the Fray: Wink Sample Sale Is Just a Tease

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A tipster visited the Wink sale on the Upper West Side and returned unimpressed. Her report:

Stopped by the Wink warehouse sale this afternoon; it's in the back of their store on Columbus, and it's not that great. There's a lot of the same brands, but that doesn't translate to a lot of stuff being on sale. There were two racks of summery blouses/dresses (Madison Marcus, Grace Sun, Wink's in-house label, Jamison) and those were marked by a color code that ranged from $25 to $200. Most items were $100. Sizes were varied but it seemed like most popular sizes were S, M, 4s and 6s. About 10 bags (1 Hayden-Harnett, about 3 Rebecca Minkoffs, at least 3 Foley + Corinna jet setters) which seemed to be priced between $150 and $200.
There was one Rebecca Minkoff morning-after mini for $250, which is cheaper than you can get at her sample sale. There also bins of $25 scarves and hats, and at least two bins of $50 assorted jerseys and sweats. Also piles of sportwear like hoodies, sweatpants, tees that were $50 or $70. the only thing I noticed that would cost less than $50 was the clearance jewelry, which was 75% off.
Eventually she found the good stuff—in the non-sale section. "The front of the store is not part of the warehouse sale— basically the good, new merchandise, but anything that's not in the warehouse sale is 10% off." The verdict: If you're not in the neighborhood anyway, spare yourself the subway ride.
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