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RackedWire: The ObamaBike On Sale On E-Bay; Hayden-Harnett Trunk Show in Nolita

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[Image via Geekhouse Bikes]

E-BAY—This is one of the most appealing Obama promotions we've seen so far: AnimalNY got bike-maker Marty Walsh and graphic designer Dan Funderburgh to create a fixed-gear Obama bike. Funderburg's red and blue patterns are gorgeous, and the campaign logo is so unobtrusive that it won't seem terribly dated in a few years. All proceeds go to the Obama campaign, of course. The only drawback? Enduring legions of "Wow, Barack Obama really IS your new bicycle!" jokes. [Animal]

NOLITA—Tomorrow, Brooklyn-based bagsmiths Hayden-Harnett host a trunk show at Jirisuda, 248 Elizabeth Street between Houston and Kenmare. They'll be offering 15% off everything and previewing their new boot collection, plus lucky winners will walk off into the Nolita night with a Bowery clutch and a Laurel dress. [Racked Inbox]