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Discontinued: St. Mark's Mondo Kim's No Longer Renting Videos

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[Images via VNY]

Nostalgists have been hoping that the tanking economy will help bring back old, weird New York, but the latest news from the Kim's video empire suggests otherwise. Not long after the demise of uptown's Kim's Mediapolis, Mondo Kim's, the massive St. Marks flagship that pretty much defines "old, weird New York," has hung up a sign announcing a 40% off moving out sale. The store is also dotted with flyers looking for a sponsor to adopt Kim's collection of 55,000 videos and make then available to Kim's customers, because (this is the scariest part) they won't be doing rental anymore.

Writes Jeremiah's Vanishing New York:

This is upsetting news to all those film lovers who find at Kim's what cannot be found in other video shops, nor at Netflix, namely obscure, odd, weird and hard-to-find movies about such things as biker chicks, zombies, and porn kittens from Mars. Where else are movies arranged according to categories like JUVENILE DELINQUENT?
Whatever happens, Kim's won't disappear entirely, since they're opening a new store on First Avenue. The porn kittens from Mars might be gone forever, though. In the window of the First Ave place: A poster for The Love Guru.
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