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Rogan on the Bowery Gets All Fucked Up

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Canadian punk/hardcore rock band Fucked Up began their twelve-hour-straight in-store concert at Rogan this afternoon at 2pm, and a Racked operative was on hand to document the madness. His report:

When I got there at 2:30, the place was packed. There were some roadies were handing out free 7" records of "Royal Swan." Not many people were drinking at that point. The band started pretty much as soon as I got there without much fanfare. They were filming some video of the show, so if you go later, be prepared to be caught on tape. Also, be prepared to be carded if you want to drink the free Coors Light Colt 45 they had on hand. The entire thing seemed like more of a plug for Fucked Up than Rogan. When I left, the crowd was mostly filled with scruffy headbanging dudes.
We have no idea how the fellows of Fucked Up will keep this concert going for 10 more hours straight. If you're in the mood for intense music, cheap beer and some lead singer nakedness, head over anytime before 2am.
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