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Above the Fray: Gay Talese Disapproves of Waiting in Line for Diesel's Dirty Thirty Jeans

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Want to know what legendary journalist Gay Talese thought about Diesel's Dirty Thirty jeans giveaway? Of course you do! First off, he doesn't shop at Diesel, which is weird because we always thought he was the super-low-cut type. Secondly, he doesn't think $50 jeans count as a bargain, especially in this economy. Thirdly, he's clearly enjoying the cranky-old-man shtick, as evidenced by his refusal to look up the names of the bands playing the Diesel anniversary show:

"Moreover, [the line-waiters] told me, they'll also get for their fifty bucks not only a pair of jeans, but also a free pass to tomorrow's concert somewhere in Brooklyn where the featured performers include M.I.A. and the N.E.R.D.S or whoever...."
And then there's this: "If we had conscription, half of these people would be in the army." Mr. Talese, what are you doing Saturday? We'd like to send you to the Prada sale.
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