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Bushwick's Grocery Stores: Cheaper than Trader Joe's

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[Image via BushwickBK]

One under-appreciated facet of Bushwick's admittedly scrawny retail scene: The supermarkets. Bushwick residents have seventeen to choose from, and as local blog BushwickBK found out over the weekend, almost all of them have prices that make Trader Joe's look like Whole Foods. Blogger Diego Cupolo did the entire neighborhood a favor and conducted a price survey, visiting all seventeen stores and recording for each the combined cost of "a gallon of milk, the cheapest sliced bread, a dozen eggs, bananas and a 15.5-ounce can of black beans (standard Goya size)." His findings: Junior's Food Outlets, off the Halsey L, was the least expensive, followed the Food Bazaar, otherwise known as the "hood Whole Foods" for its size and produce section. Only two supermarkets charged more than the actual Whole Foods: Brooklyn's Natural and Khim's Millenium, both health food shops sitting directly on top of L train stops. So it might actually be more accurate to say that Bushwick's grocery stores make Trader Joe's look like Bushwick's organic stores. Sorry, Khim's.
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