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Political Style Wars: Did McCain Wear an Off-the-Rack Suit to Last Week's Debate?

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[Image via Belmont University]

In these frenzied last days of the presidential campaign, it's easy to lose sight of the really important differences between the candidates. That's why we're grateful to the L.A. Times for asking the McCain campaign a question no one else dared to venture: Who made the suit their candidate wore for last week's debate? Unfortunately, they got no answer: "Although the McCain camp did not respond to confirm the fact, the senator's suits look off the rack." Worse, they didn't fit in the arms, leading him to look like David Byrne getting swallowed by his expanding suit in the Talking Heads movie Stop Making Sense.

Obama, meanwhile, gets his suits from Chicago based union shop Hart Schaffner Marx, a fact neither he nor they have ever tried to conceal. (The company sent out a press release about his inseam back in August.) This transparency didn't win him any leniency from the Times, though: The article notes that while he looks good in dress clothing, "on a bike ride in a polo shirt and a pair of high-waisted dad jeans" Obama "came off like Urkel from 'Family Matters.'"
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