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Above the Fray: Hundreds in Line for Diesel's One-Day-Only Limited Edition Jeans

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In honor of its thirtieth anniversary, Diesel is selling a pair of scruffed-up limited-edition Dirty Thirty jeans. The catch: They're only available today. Our correspondent is on the scene at the Diesel store in Union Square, where what looks like over a thousand people are waiting to buy the jeans for $50.

9:30am: Of course it's completely insane. The line is longer than an avenue block—it runs halfway to 15th Street on Fifth. There are probably more than 1000 people here. Are they all going to get to try on jeans once the store opens?

9:40am: There's a good mix of men and women here—surprisingly few of whom are actually wearing Diesel jeans.

9:45am: The man in front of me is sporting what seems to be the look this season: Blazer with sleeves pushed up just a bit, cropped jeans, and a leather manbag.

9:48am: There are two women from Chase working the line, trying to get people to sign up for credit cards. They keep telling people that you get $50 free for signing up, and since the jeans cost $50, it's like they're giving you free jeans! They're also asking people if they're college students. In front of me, someone just took the bait. Chase lady: "We don't want you to lose your place in line, so we'll bring the application out."

9:54am: Everyone in line just moved forward, the Chase rep following the lady with the application.

9:55am: A guy just walked by and yelled, "What are you waiting in line for? Selling stocks?

9:59am: The man handing out "Happy Birthday Diesel" pins is awesome.

10:22am: Just went to check out the store. There are little people with mustaches standing on lion-tamer stools right inside the door, I guess because of the circus theme. There's a velvet rope up by the front, and whenever a VIP walks up, they just let them in. The store seems pretty calm. They're also giving away tickets to the party this weekend. There's one per person, and you only get it if you buy a pair of jeans.

10:50am: I'm half a block away. They're only letting in five people at a time, which explains why the line is not really moving. Says a security guard: "We have 900 pairs of jeans left, and 900 tickets."

10:55am: Apparently they made two thousand jeans for NYC, split between Union Square and the Lexington Avenue store.

11:00am: We're getting heckled. A kid just yelled "Assholes!" out of a bus window.

11:20am: The line behind me is not getting any shorter. But I can finally see the store! Note: They do not have special edition shopping bags. Lame.

11:27am: People are passing the time by getting soft serve from Wendy's across the street, smoking, and talking incessantly on their cell phones.

11:36am: A bearded lady just came out with a megaphone to tell us they are out of men's size 38.

11:45am: I've spotted my first scalper. He's been here since 7am, and he's trying to sell his jeans for $70 or $80, which doesn't seem worth it. About the tickets to the party: If you buy a pair of jeans, the ticket is free. If you don't want the jeans, the ticket costs $50, so you might as well get the jeans anyway. Once you go in, they stamp your hand so that you can't go back for seconds.

12:14am: They're out of women's size 31 and party tickets.

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