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Above the Fray: Three Hours Later, We're Less than a Block from Those Dirty Thirty Jeans

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In honor of its thirtieth anniversary, Diesel is selling a pair of scruffed-up limited-edition Dirty Thirty jeans. The catch: They're only available today. Our correspondent is on the scene at the Diesel store in Union Square, where what looks like over a thousand people are waiting to buy the jeans for $50. Her adventures start here and continue below.

12:29pm: I'm so close, I can hear the techno.

12:40pm: I can see into the store windows from here. It seems calm in there. Behind me, the line still wraps around Fifth Avenue.

12:48pm: Now that there are no tickets, some people are leaving.

12:51pm: There's a woman handing out organic energy drinks. Must...keep...strength...up.

12:53pm: I'm at the velvet rope now. There's a guy in teal manning the door.

1:02pm: I'm heading in, escorted down by a staffer.

Photos from inside, this way