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Tommy Hilfiger's Bravo Special: Ironic Iconic America

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Set your clocks for Friday night at 8pm, because that's when the Bravo network airs Tommy Hilfiger's desperate punch at brand revitalization: Ironic Iconic America. Hosted by Def Jam's Rives and Israeli supermodel/ Leo DiCaprio's girlfriend Bar Refaeli, the one-hour special supplements Hilfiger and George Lois' book Iconic America.

The addition of the "Ironic" comes from their presentation of strange bedfellows as partners in American history; things like barbed wire and a can opener, the Declaration of Independence and Bob Dylan, and Dr. Spock and Dr. Strangelove take center stage. So also does Bar Refaeli, according to Post Advertising:

...she is just as happy, enthusiastic and dumb-witted and gorgeous as we want our supermodel travel companions to be. We want her there to look good, love what she sees and give faint hope of sex somehow happening after closing credits. She is a perfect distraction for anyone trying to seriously think through the question raised: What is America?
Steering quite clear of politics, the show will instead focus on quaint Americana, in the hopes that our nostalgic feelings (and titillation) will translate into profits for Tommy. Perhaps his name will once and for all be firmly disassociated with saggy jeans and cheap tourist T-shirts from Key West, but we doubt it.
· Tommy Hilfiger Presents: Ironic Iconic America [Official Site]