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Above the Fray: Shoe-Inn Annual Warehouse Sale is a Winner

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Layers of shoes

We hadn't been to Hammerstein Ballroom since last seeing The Strokes two years ago. However, the promise of a music hall full of shoes brought us back yesterday, and we are pleased to report that the Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale being held there is worth the visit. The volume of shoes is staggering, so give yourself some time to browse. (Shoe-Inn staffers said that lunch hours are busiest, but we shopped at 2:30pm with relative ease, so don't be dissuaded.) Tables are set with boxes of shoes according to size; prices are set by designer and range from $29.99 to $119.99. Let it be known that these are some awesome prices for the footwear being offered. Among the selection, there are wardrobe staples and funky, showier heels.

Tables of boots

Beyond the sea of tables aligned with shoes are more tables overflowing with boots. The boots are priced separately, by designer, and are also heavily discounted. If you're seeking a new pair of black boots, stop by: there are many styles and leather finishes available.

Anne Klein pumps, $69.99

Ultimately, the Shoe-Inn is a winner. The assortment of sizes and styles are strong, the event is well-organized with staffers constantly keeping the shoes in order, and, most importantly, the prices are right! Downside... the sheer quantity of shoes requires digging through layers of them on the tables. Additionally, there are no mirrors on the premises, so bring a friend to consult with or model your prospective purchase.

Stuart Weitzman heels, $99.99

Full price lists according to designer are below; accessories are scheduled to arrive today...
· Shoe prices A to G [.jpg]
· Shoe prices G to R [.jpg]
· Shoe prices R to Z [.jpg]
· Boot prices [.jpg]
· Dealfeed: Shoe-Inn [Racked]