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CompUSA to Electronics Geeks: Sike, We're Not Closing After All

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CompUSA is coming back from the grave. The beleaguered electronics chain, which announced last month that it would be shuttering locations nationwide, was just purchased by computer parts-reseller Systemax. Ars Technica reports: " continue to operate under its own name, but under Systemax's ownership once the agreement is closed." Joy! A comment thread about the news on the Ars Technica forum is currently raging, with one person remarking: "Did anybody else check out the liquidation 'sales' at their local CompUSA during the final weeks? What a joke. The most I could find was %15 off. Any since there were bigger sales in the period before the announcement (40% off cases at mine), this actually meant a price INCREASE. Wow. They can't even go out of business intelligently." Rip-offs in aisle five!
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