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Simply Vera Vera Wang at Kohl's: A Whole New Season of Fug

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Simply Vera Vera Wang items at Kohl's in New Jersey

If the racks at Kohl's in the Newport Centre Mall in New Jersey are any indication, shoppers are still not buying much of designer Vera Wang's mass-market effort, Simply Vera. Though we harshly critiqued the line when it debuted in September, we revisited it this past weekend to see if Wang's newer items were more pleasing. The answer is yes...and no.

The newest bags were incredibly ugly. Really just awful.

The shoe selection was, surprisingly, decent. We weren't enamored with the clogs (at left), but there were a few stylish heels that caught our eye.

We particularly liked this pair of "Joyful" bow pumps with Lucite heels. They're still a bit pricey at $48.99, marked down from $69.99.


The belted trench was the most stylish thing we tried on—it's now $96. The cardigan wasn't exciting, but it wasn't hideous, either. That's more than we can say for much of the clothing.
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