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Rant: Local Patron Tired of Lines and Empty Shelves at Trader Joe's

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Bare shelves at Trader Joe's Union Square

Shopping at Trader Joe's is an event. The best strategy to deal with the incredible lines, which snake around the store most of the day, is to go with a partner: one person waits in the queue with the cart while the other walks around the store gathering items from your grocery list. Some shoppers don't have the patience for this type of carefully-calibrated grocery trip any more, though. Blogger East Village Idiot has compiled a shit list, and Trader Joe's is at the top:

The love affair is over. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. I’m tired of waiting in line for 45 minutes. I’m tired of trying to navigate through aisles not even wide enough for two people. And I’m tired of the entire island of Manhattan ravaging the shelves to the point that they are empty...Last night, I walked in, and four of the first five items on my shopping list weren’t on the shelves. You know what one of those items was? WHITE BREAD! In fact, you didn’t have any bread in the bread aisle. Except Raisin Bread. And that just goes great with turkey. Oh, wait. You didn’t have any turkey, either!
The diatribe is reminiscent of this post, wherein a Racked reader searched the store in vain for basic food items like tomatoes and bagels. Also on EVI's shit list: Whole Foods, CVS and Duane Reade (natch).
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