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Mo' Banks: New Chase and Bank of America Locations, Revealed!

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Subtle BoA plywood

1) Cobble Hill: Just a few weeks ago, the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Court Street in Cobble Hill looked like this.

Now, it looks like this! Yes Brooklynites, there's a new Bank of America at your service, open and ready to take your money. The corner they chose is directly across from the new Sovereign Bank located inside Two Trees CourtHouse building. It's also just a few blocks away from a WaMu.

Taken in June: Chase on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope

2) Park Slope: The Chase rising at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Lincoln Place has been in-progress for months and months. No longer. A tipster sends the below photo, crowing "It's finally open!" Sweet, sweet relief. The huge "Now Open" letters on the glass are a nice touch.

A shiny new Chase for Park Slope.

3) East Village: Chase is plastering these delightful advertisements around the East Village to promote their newest acquisition in the area: a storefront on Bowery and 2nd Street. Sayeth the source who snapped the photo, "Seen on First Ave/1st Street... Good God." Guess that the staffers standing outside the new branch with a table of fliers weren't quite doing the trick.

4) East Village/LES: The newest edition of local paper Grand Street News has the heartwarming story of the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union at 37 Avenue B, "one bank that finally gets it right." If chains like Chase and BoA turn your stomach, it's a nice, palate-cleansing read.