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Rumormongering: Barneys Cozying Up to Downtown by Philippe Starck?

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There's more news on the Barneys to Fidi rumor this morning, as a suspiciously-informed tipster writes:

The rumor is that Barneys was thisclose to signing at 30 Broad Street. They have instead decided to move into the space at 15 Broad Street [ed. note: aka Downtown by Philippe Starck]. They would have the space on the second floor above the resident's entrance. The elevators and escalators will be accessed from the third set of double doors just north of the 15 Broad entrance. There is 18,000 square feet for lease, at least it was for lease and now the signs are conspicuously missing.
First of all, we could see how a marriage of Barneys and DbPS would be, in a word, perfection—but they wouldn't have the ground floor? Could this really be true??? The same tipster also claims that Whole Foods is interested in 23 Wall Street, the old J. P. Morgan building, which is just insane and impossible (that building would seem like a good spot for Barneys, actually). FiDi experts, please weigh in in the comments.
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