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Shopping Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony at Barneys

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With little to no fanfare whatsoever, Barneys on Madison Avenue has added clothing from Chloë Sevigny's collection for Opening Ceremony to their seventh floor co-op section. The department store's only carrying a few styles from the blond star's 40-piece line. Strangely, they've eschewed Sevigny's fun Liberty print pieces for a selection of gray, black and white items. While the clothes aren't horrible, they are horribly priced. The linen dress at far left is $465, the sleeveless white button-down shirt is $288, the gray dress next to it is $365, the black vest is $315, the silk long-sleeve blouse is $375 and the cropped black jacket is $500. We understand that this is in line with Barneys pricing, but still...kind of hard to swallow. If you can handle those numbers, the clothes arrived about a day ago, so most sizes are still available.

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