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RackedWire: Park Slope Gains Another Yoga Studio, Shoe Store

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PARK SLOPE—According to a Brooklynian commenter, a new hot yoga studio has opened on 15th Street and 5th Ave in Park Slope. An early report, "I've been a couple of times. Nice studio, brand new. Mirrors line one wall, no goofy music, both times the instructor was excellent. You can rent a towel for $1 and get a large bottle of water for $2 which is great when you're running late and have just come from work so don't have the two items on you, and you really need them for this kind of yoga." [Brooklynian]

PARK SLOPE—More Slope news: the OAK store on President Street just off of Fifth Avenue has reopened as OAK Shoes. They keep fairly limited hours now—you can only drop in Thursday, Friday and Saturday. [RackedWire]