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More OAK News: Park Slope Store To Be Re-Shod

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Earlier today, we reported that hip boutique OAK is planning a new store on Bond St in Manhattan, scheduled to open mid-January. But there's more than borough expansion on the horizon for the retailer. While their primary Williamsburg location will remain intact, they've been renovating their second outpost at 668 President Street in Park Slope. It's been closed for the past couple of weeks, to reopen in mid-January as a new concept store called OAK Shoes. Yes, excitingly enough, they're going to be selling a lot more footwear in the Slope. Why the change? Well, the edgy clothing familiar to OAK was not selling so well in the slightly-staid quarters of Park Slope (we always thought it was a strange choice of location for them)—although shoes always flew off the shelves. Thus, Oak's founders decided to remodel the space and sell shoes and accessories only. They are promising some really sharp new lines and more styles from brands like Jeffrey Campbell and Frye. Now we'll be looking forward to the new store and more shoes! Looks like it's about time to repaint that sign.
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