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A Wall Street Journal writer isn't happy with the service he received at Nickel in Chelsea. "We waited about 10 minutes while we sipped bottled water, the only drink they offered, before our barber came. Here we opted for a straightedge shave for both our scalp and face. (We returned the next day for a facial. We were told that a having a facial on the same day as a shave would irritate our skin.) The haircut and shave were a disaster. We suffered numerous cuts on our neck and one on our left cheek. 'That doesn't happen often,' says Hector Peña, a general manager for Nickel Spa. 'We haven't been having complaints with it. We also noticed that the spa technician missed some spots on the top of our head. We pointed it out, but he said, 'Oh, no, that's just a birthmark.'" [WSJ]