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Fidi Soon To Possess 100% More Barneys?

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Note: placement of Barneys logo totally random

Is the Barneys store slated for Fidi news to you? Because it's news to us. Some background: Early this morning, real estate developer/World Trade Center leaseholder/bespectacled silver fox Larry Silverstein discussed progress at the WTC site and Robert A.M. Stern's design for a condo-hotel at 99 Church Street. As we're told by our friends over at Curbed, during the presentation, Silverstein let slip the names of a few retailers sniffing around FiDi. Among them were luxury brands Cartier, Versace, Ferragamo...and Barneys.

There's a good chance that the department store will be joining Tiffany and Hermès way south of Canal, as we hear that the retailer's got a proposal out for a space (exact address unknown at present, but they'd probably be looking on Wall Street and on Broad near Hermès). Perhaps history is repeating itself? Send tips, if you have them, to; story developing, obviously...
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Tiffany & Co.

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