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Progress Report: All's Quiet at Trader Joe's BK

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[The Trader Joe's Brooklyn site, 01/27/2008; click to enlarge]

Everyone's getting all up in arms about the lack of progress at the Trader Joe's site in Brooklyn. It's now been six months since plans for the grocery store were announced to the community (You may remember the steel drum band and the parade? It was kind of a big deal.) and other than a quick gutting, the former Independence Bank building doesn't resemble a supermarket any more now than it did in July.

Contacted for comment, Two Trees' PR informed us that they were unsure of when construction on the grocery store would begin. In the meantime, the natives are getting restless, and angry at the speed that Two Trees' huge luxury rental building is rising behind the TJ's site. Look, the people need their frozen Biryani curried rice and their chili-lime white corn tortilla chips. How much longer will they be made to wait?
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