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Gucci Loves New York, Grandiose Marketing Schemes

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Gucci wants everyone to know that they just love New York City. The luxury fashion house is opening a new flagship at 725 Fifth Avenue on February 8th, and as part of their advertising blitz, have created an entire website for the store, which went live today.

In a strangely egalitarian move, they're asking locals to submit photos of their "favorite NY spot"; a handful of lucky participants will win a slightly-garish limited-edition Gucci bag. The company also queried a few far-flung fashion bloggers as to their favorite locations, which are TK for now; to give them (and the general public) a little inspiration, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and CEO Mark Lee named their favs (the 59th Street Apple Store, Strand, Beatrice Inn, Moss and Pastis are all mentioned). But forget that—we're most interested in the store renderings, which look a little sad sans merchandise.

Women's shoe salon

Handbag salon

Men's ready-to-wear

Women's eveningwear

· Gucci Loves NY [Official Site]