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Rackage: Alice Roi and Sarah Luna Pop Up in BelDel

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Can a store really be described as a pop-up if it's going to stick around for a year? Designer Alice Roi's new effort on Canal between Essex and Ludlow Streets won't be as fleeting as her Soho experiment was in May, and that's a good thing: the indie designer's filled the bare rectangular space with an array of chic and polished-yet-youthful pieces, including cute cropped sweater vests, rockin' white leather miniskirts and boho-ish scarves (prices range from around $100 to over $400). She shares the space with Sarah Luna, whose quirky and colorful clothing we've seen adorning the racks of boutiques like Albertine and Dear Fieldbinder; one of her standout pieces was a maroon mini dress printed with white scarabs ($99). The store is very, very new, so they are still working out some kinks—the credit card machine was down when we stopped by the other day, and the dressing room is still a work in progress. We really don't mean to dissuade any shoppers, though, as there's a lot of fantastic clothing to be found here. Just bring cash.