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OH NOs: Yohji Yamamoto's New Stores A Bit Delayed

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What's pointy and glassy and brick all over? Why, it's Yohji Yamamoto's new flagship store at One Gansevoort, which we regret to tell you, does not appear ready to reveal its angular interior by tomorrow (its scheduled opening date).

Construction was in progress both inside and outside when Racked stopped by yesterday, and a contractor confirmed that the opening would likely be next week instead. While the brick facade was getting its finishing touches, workers were assembling the clothes racks inside. The store is flooded with light from all directions, so much so that we wouldn't be surprised if associates wore sunglasses while selling the Japanese designer's clothing.

Y-3, the store for Yohji's sportswear collaboration with Adidas, is papered on West 13th, across the street from the flagship. We assume both new stores will throw their doors open together. YYay!
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