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Time Out London Advises Britons on NYC Shopping

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Not like we needed to be reminded again, but the US dollar sucks and international visitors are taking advantage with some serious shopping splurges. Pound-carrying travelers from the UK are really basking in the currency exchange rates, and in their cover story for this week, Time Out London offers a robust shopping guide to NYC.

It begins: "Enthused by the strong pound...we pick the Big Apple's most inspiring shops for designerwear, shoes, beauty products and other basic essentials, plus insider shopping tips from in-the-know locals." They did their homework, and the guide is pretty accurate and thorough overall. However, in the bitter spirit of a weak dollar and looming recession, we'll be catty and call out a few missteps.

Best For Rare Sneakers: Coclico? Um, Racked wouldn't lead sneaker aficionados over to this tiny footwear boutique. Because there are no sneakers. Gorgeous heels and boots galore, yes, but sneakers, no.

Best for Local Designers: INA? This consignment chain is famously picky about high end designer brand names. They're not exactly showcasing local designers unless you consider Marc Jacobs an up-and-coming neighborhood talent.

Read through the article and let us know what you think of their picks in the comments.
New York Shopping Guide [Time Out London]

UPDATE: Apparently, the red "best for..." heading refers only to the store immediately below it. This makes way more sense. We regret the error, but let's work on formatting, Time Out.


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