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Muji PR: 'I would like to clarify about pricing of products'

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Last week, we published a reader missive that critiqued the pricing of our beloved Muji store on Broadway in Soho. It was a painful thing to do, but the note writer did make some good points. To our surprise, Muji not only read the post, but they also responded to it. Here, the letter sent to us by Mayuko Tanaka of Muji PR.

Regarding your article on Racked (posted on January 17, 2008), I would like to clarify about pricing of products. MUJI USA have not increased product price since our store opening. “the clear plastic raincoat was less than $15. Last night, it was $23.” MUJI SOHO has stock of two types of free cut rain coat. 1. Welder Rain coat Free Cut Separate (available in Clear and Black) $26.50 2. Welder Rain coat Free Cut Single (available in Clear and Black) $12.75

The price of most of product offered at MUJI SOHO is about 150 to 160 % as compared with the retail price at MUJI in Japan due to the cost of freight, custom duty, inspection fee, handling fee and so on. With regards to all comments, MUJI USA will continually strive to improve our level of customer service and support, as well as to reduce the cost of products in the future. We sincerely appreciate hearing from our customers, as their input is vital for us to continue to improve our accommodations.

So at least they're listening. That's something, right?
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