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Above the Fray: OAK Sale on Bond St Continued

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The new OAK sign, with 40 Bond peeking out at right

Still a bit dazed from the hysteria of last night, Racked stopped by the OAK sample sale on Bond Street this morning to observe the hipster-inflicted damage. Surprisingly, there were many dresses, shoes, and accessories still available. The staff confirmed, however, that they were not replenishing; with the exception of the Neal Sperling line for men and women, what is on the floor is all they have. Shop sooner than later.

Also of note is their new store sign that poof! appeared in the night. It hangs next door to the fancy schmancy 40 Bond Street condos, boldly announcing the store's presence.
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Oak Clothing

28 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 212-677-1293 Visit Website