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Rackage: A.P.C. Surplus

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[Kalina, 01/18/2008]

Somewhat belatedly, here is a look inside A.P.C.'s new Surplus store on Grand Street in the 'burg that opened a week ago today. What's notable about the shop is that almost all the merchandise you see is 60% off. The space is a little too boutique-y to be called an outlet, but that's essentially what it is. Of course, it's one of the nicest sales spaces we've ever set foot in. The photo, as our friends over at Eater would put it, is at Maximum Kalina—meaning this place is teeny tiny. Not pictured is the strange dressing room, a little plastic pod plopped in the left corner of the store. For more on A.P.C. Surplus, click over to Cool Hunting or read through our obsessive coverage.

A.P.C. Surplus

92 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014 (646) 371-9292 Visit Website