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Above the Fray: OAK Sale on Bond Street

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The scene at 5:15pm at OAK on Bond Street

Hipsters may have a reputation for being aloof and lazy, but not when it comes to their clothing! Skinny heartbreakers literally stormed the OAK sample sale preview this evening at the new store on Bond Street in Manhattan. Fifteen minutes after the sale began at 5pm, the store was already buzzing, with good reason: the clothes and prices were hot.

Discounted winter accessories

Sunglasses, scarves, and other accessories began at $5 (Racked scored a nice floral one). There were shelves of cashmere gloves, hats, and scarves slashed 75% off. The shoe selection included styles we've been crushing on for months, like silver booties (marked down to $200) and metallic wedges (marked down to $100). Like most of OAK's inventory, some men's and women's pieces were hit or miss, but the prices were all reasonable. The Neal Sperling line for women was priced at $100 for dresses and wool coats, $80 for knit dresses, $60 for cute cardigans, $50 for tops and skirts, and $30 for camisoles. For men, there were also some ace Neal Sperling sweaters at $80 and Bed:Stu shoes at deep discounts.

OAK menswear

More sale!

The store is barely up and running at this point, and there are no mirrors yet. Bring a friend for consultation and be prepared: it may become a real feeding frenzy over there.
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Oak Clothing

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