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Happyish Endings: Gertel's Lives On in Brooklyn

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The shuttering of Gertel's Bakery back in June shook many New Yorkers to their core, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel: Owners of the 93-year-old institution planned on moving their wholesale operations to Brooklyn. (Knowing that the bakery's amazing rugelach would be less accessible, but not gone forever, was a consolation.) After the initial shock of the closure died down, the story fell by the wayside until yesterday, when Clinton Hill Blog noticed the familiar sign at 101 Steuben Street north of Myrtle Avenue on the edge of Williamsburg. You can't drop by for a muffin and coffee like you could down on Hester, but you can call in a wholesale order (212-982-3250), though the minimum is $25. That's a whole lot of hamentaschen.
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