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Apple's MacBook Air Floats Gloriously Into Our Life

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[Top row images courtesy Gizmodo; bottom row courtesy MacRumors Live]

It won't arrive at Apple Stores across this fine nation for another two weeks, which means we'll have plenty of time to salivate over the first photos of the MacBook Air, just announced by Steve Jobs at the MacWorld conference in San Francisco. Vital stats: three pounds; thin enough to slip in a manila envelope (genius touch, that), a trackpad that incorporates iPhone-like touch gestures; and 2GB of memory standard. What it doesn't have: a CD drive (though it'll connect wirelessly to other CD drives magically!), or a receptacle for the storage of our eternal souls (in development for version 2). Two versions, for your consideration: $1,799 for a regular old 80-gig harddrive; $3,098 for a flash hard drive with no moving parts—and an even more singular feeling of specialness.

Meantime, a look at the calendar shows Tuesday, January 29 as the next crucial camp-out day at the Meatpacking Apple Store. See you there.
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