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RackedWire: LIC's Amish Market Officially Delayed, Hayden-Harnett Sale Extended

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LONG ISLAND CITY—Bad news for LIC dwellers: the nabe's saving grace, an Amish Market, will not be opening in February (as was first reported). Instead, hungry shoppers are going to have to wait until May for the grocery store. A tipster confirms the delays rumored in an earlier 'Wire, writing: "An Email from Amish Markets confirms it will NOT be February as Rockrose promised for East Coast tenants. Add to this the continued dissatisfaction tenants are showing with the amenities in LIC, and Rockrose have an uphill struggle on their hands." Bitter much? [RackedWire Inbox]

GREENPOINT—The Hayden-Harnett sale has been extended another day. A reader reports: "I got a great purse last night for $138, was $500, and a belt for $34, was $140. They said the sale will go another day, through the 15th." Huzzah! [RackedWire Inbox]