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Delays: Construction on 24 Hour Fitness Not Working Out As Planned

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There's a lot you can do at 3am in New York, most of it unwholesome. Pumping iron at such an ungodly hour, well, that's TK for now. Construction on the city's first 24Hour Fitness, in the Grand Madison building on Fifth Avenue, has hit a wall. A Racked informant writes: "24 Hour Fitness coming soon? The Gym is being built on the first floor and basement of the Grand Madison building (225 5th) facing the park. Day one (yesterday) of serious construction (they are cutting a hole through the main floor for escalators, and getting ready to rip up the entire basement floor) and they are slammed with a stop work order for unsafe construction." Not too promising, that. Our normal nighttime workout—getting off the couch, slowly walking to the fridge for a beer, walking back to the couch, surfing the internet (two or three sets per hour, depending on the day's stress level)—will have to suffice for now.
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