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First Look: A.P.C. Surplus

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Though it'll be getting the full Kalina treatment on Monday, we didn't want to waste any time bringing you photos from inside the newly-opened A.P.C. Surplus store on Grand Street in Williamsburg. There were a few people shopping when we stopped by at 1:30pm, but the scene was quieter than we had expected; the lack of a crowd can probably be attributed to the sudden downpour that hit right before opening time. The store, which we thought would be large given the work permits for three levels we spotted a few weeks ago, is actually very small. The company's using the petite rectangular space at the front of the first floor for retail, and the rest of the building will function as their base of operations. The stock available, except for some stacks of dark denim, was marked 60% off. Racks are currently hung with a good selection of cozy sweaters, rugged coats and plaid button-downs for men and women. There are a few styles of shoes and boots available (most priced originally at about $500), as well as scarves and gloves. Be prepared for a wait if you want to try items on: there's only one dressing room, and one mirror two mirrors.

The amazing, high, wood-beamed ceiling.

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A.P.C. Surplus

92 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014 (646) 371-9292 Visit Website