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Outside The Tents: The "Celebs"

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At left, the quiet scene at the backstage entrance to the tents. At right, the insanity that is the front entrance.

It's our third trip up to Bryant Park this week, and frankly, we're already pretty sick of Fashion Week. We decided to sit near the backstage entrance to the tents today, and as BCBG lets out, we've already seen a few celebs. Note: the front entrance is officially for suckers.

We got off a shot of the back of this celeb's head before we had any idea who it was. Apparently, it was Ciara, a singer. Hilariously, we heard an onlooker mistakenly yell "Go Tyra!" Not all tall black famous women are Tyra.

Carrie Underwood, posing for the paparazzi. Soon afterward, LeAnn Rimes showed up. These were C-list spottings, yes, but still exciting.