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Park Slope Food Co-Op Takes Halting Step Into 1980's

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"This is such BIG, BIG NEWS," writes Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn. Trader Joe's coming to Park Slope? Nope—the famed and defamed Park Slope Food Co-Op is set to install its first debit-card checkout system. In Park Slope, this is indeed a massively big deal, per OTBKB: "You see, one of the many inconveniences of the Park Slope Food Coop is that you have to pay in cash. So this is such a HUGE step forward. So that they can install these miraculous machines, there will be NO SHOPPING on Monday, Oct. 1st. Shopping will resume on Tuesday, October 2 at 8 AM." Such modern convenience! Of course, you'll still have to volunteer two and three-quarter hours a month for the privilege.
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