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iPhrenzy: New iPods Too Much of a Good Thing?

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Our first thought about the new line of iPods introduced by Apple today: do customers really want this much choice when selecting a sleek portable music player? Gizmodo seems to agree, opining that there's "no clear winning device" in the lot. But being that this is the reality Apple chief Steve Jobs and colleagues have left us with, get to know the new kids: (left to right), the iPod Shuffle (mostly-unchanged), the wider iPod Nano (now with video), the iPod Classic (for those who crave a lot of hard drive space), the iPod Touch (essentially an iPhone without the phone), and the iPhone. Eesh, what a mouthful. Only the price chop on the iPhone, with the 8GB model now priced 20% lower at a far more accessible $399, seems worth the headlines today.

One interesting note for style watchers: today's new line of iPods officially means that the white iPod design aesthetic is dead. Henceforth, referring to an all-white interior space as "iPod-like" shall be met with looks of contempt.
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