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CB2 Front Runner For Chelsea Barnes & Noble Space?

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Yesterday, we asked you, the Racked reader, to predict which retailer will move into the space currently occupied by Barnes & Noble at 675 Sixth Avenue in Chelsea (the store's lease is up next spring). Among the many guesses, these entries stood out:

1) Commenter Judy wrote: "Just got off the phone with a friend in Chicago and it looks like Crate and Barrel is looking at the location for a second CB2 store in New York. They would be competing with the nearby West Elm, BB&B, and the container store."

2) Reader Matt squashed hopes for both a Target and a Nordstrom: "While it's a fairly sprawling space, it's not big enough for a big store like a Target. The average baseline Target is 126,000 sq. ft. This is a third of that size. It's an awkward size--too big for a smallish store, and too small for a megastore. Similarly, I can't see Nordstrom going into that space. Bloomingdales SoHo (which is pretty small for a department store) is 124,000 sq. ft."

3) And, just for fun, this is from commenter "me": "i envision sort of a "bank mall" – where chase, citibank, b of a, wamu, north fork, hsbc, soveriegn, and the others all have outposts under one roof.... and i can just go from space to space and experience their wildly different atm's. mmmmm.... banking."

There you go, Faith Hope Consolo and Co. The public has spoken.
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