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High Waists And Grungy Boots In Chloë Sevigny's Line For Opening Ceremony

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The world of celebrity "designers" is a strange one, inhabited by such disparate entities as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and the Olsen twins. Of course, all these stars are seen as style icons, which is usually why clothing branded with their name sells. Chloë Sevigny is definitely a style icon of some sort, mainly because everything she wears provokes a reaction, positive or negative. Given that, we didn't really know what to expect from her collection with Opening Ceremony, which will debut in February. Somehow, in the frenzy of Fashion Week, we neglected to post images of the line (these are from WWD). We were reminded of that when we read an Refinery29's interview with Chloë yesterday about the collection, which is described as "chock-full of classic, everyday pieces reminiscent of punk, rockabilly, and Darien, Connecticut, where she spent her pre-Lanvin years." The celeb, who comes off as refreshingly down-to-earth (her favorite shop is second-hand store Tokyo 7), has created an interesting mix of vintage-inspired separates. Though we're frankly afraid of all the high waists, some of the other pieces look very wearable (though there's no word on pricing yet). We'll withhold judgment until we see the stuff in person.

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