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Storecasting Special: Starbucks Taking The Bowery?

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Word comes in today -- unconfirmed at present, we should note -- that Starbucks will be taking over the former Adams Restaurant Supply store (above) on the south west corner of Bowery and Houston. Here's how it was told to us: "i was told by a worker cleaning out the the old adams rest. supply on the south west corner of bowery and houston today that starbucks was taking the space in the fall. i guess that will be the first national retail outfit on the bowery since hammacher schlemmer closed their original store there a century ago!" Quite a stunning piece of intel, if true. Although it should be noted that this is the second national retail outfit on the Bowery since Hammacher Schlemmer. Just across Bowery on the south east corner, though technically not in possession of a Bowery address, is a little monstrosity we like to call Whole Foods. For those tracking the decline of the Lower East Side via Starbucks infiltration, this would be, indeed, the second Starbucks in the neighborhood. Hipsters, we'll look to you to take the lead on a protest plan.