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Murray Moss Brings His Magic To LA

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Over on the West Coast, there's been a fair amount of buzz concerning LA's beautiful new Moss boutique at 8444 Melrose Avenue, which opened on August 3rd. Of course, the store's reputation preceded it: Moss' 13-year-old shop at 150 Greene Street has been called "temple to cutting-edge home design" and "the gold standard when it comes to avant-garde design." Cool Hunting interviewed Moss about the new store and the differences between LA and NYC. It's an interesting read. First of all, if you didn't know this already, LA is pretty tacky:

When i was driving around in L.A., I loved all the neon. In New York you only see it for liquor, but it's all over the place in L.A. My favorite was a wig shop that had neon. The vernacular there is the highway. I thought let's do Melrose as a highway, do neon billboards. What I like is in L.A. everything looks like a donut shop.
Fascinating. More cultural differences between the two city: "the people there are very nice. In New York you do need guards there people will put out a cigarette on your sofa. In L.A. they're so respectful. Also in New York people get drunk." God bless New York.
· Interview with Murray Moss [Cool Hunting]

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