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Mo' Banks: Bank Of America

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Quite a few bank branches have popped up around town recently, but we thought that this Bank of America deserved special attention. Why? Well, because it's opening in the fancy 8 Union Square South building, which is located right in the middle of Union Square's hustle and bustle. An associate of ours over at Curbed writes: "Don't know if you've got this yet, but fresh signage in the groundfloor retail space of the Michael Shvo-marketed 8 Union Square South reveals a new ... Bank of America! While a new bank is by no means a shock, the BoA kind of is, given it's nearly nonexistant status in the East Village (other than 2nd Avenue and 4th Street). Not that 8USS is East Village, but it's somewhat close." Damn that's a high traffic corner. Who wants to bet that this branch will always be out of ATM deposit envelopes? [Racked Staff]