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It's Time To Start Worrying About Bowery Whole Foods

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Bowery Whole Foods, not content to be known as a place to get some organic arugula, vine-ripened tomatoes or various other pretentious foodstuffs, is trying to market itself as a destination for horny singles. We were first alerted to this publicist-driven phenomenon via an unfortunate article in the Sun. Today, a correspondent sends us a brief email, stating: "They're partnering w/ Gothamist to host singles' mixer events ... in a supermarket. There's DJs too." Indeed, tis true. Oh, and the event is called "Check Out." Get it? This thing is taking place on Tuesday, August 28th from 7 to 9pm. Mark that date on your calender, so that you can remember to not enter the store then. Something reeks of desperation here, and it isn't just the sad souls who expect to meet a life partner at an ill-conceived mixer.
· Check Out [Whole Foods Market Calendar]