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Sweet New iMacs May Be Announced Today

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[Photo via Flickr/dfarber]

Tech geeks have their panties in a twist over the Apple product announcement happening today at 10am PST/1pm EST. Of course, no one knows what will emanate from the godly mouth of Steve Jobs, but most are guessing that he'll reveal that Apple is rolling out new iMacs. From AppleInsider:

According to one source, Apple has issued to suppliers three new iMac price points for models that are expected to be immediately available following their introduction on Tuesday. Apple currently offers two 17-inch iMac configurations (for $999 and $1199, respectively), a 20-inch configuration for $1499, and a high-end 24-inch configuration for $1999. However, the new pricing information suggest Apple will drop one configuration and sell just three models at $1199, $1499 and $1799.
Given that the iMac hasn't been updated in a year, there's a lot of excitement surrounding this announcement. Face it, if you just bought an one, you probably should have waited a few weeks.
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