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Future of Two Storefronts In Fort Greene Uncertain

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This week, neighborhood blogger Clinton Hill Blog is putting in some time over at Curbed. Today, she's been so kind as to throw us a bone.

Fort Greene neighborhood fixture Tommy Sellars passed away recently, leaving behind some valuable storefront space. His once-popular bar, Cellars, has been shuttered for months, and on the other side of DeKalb, a building with nightclub storefront owned by his son has been hidden by scaffolding for, oh, about eight years, depending on who you ask.

The larger building with storefront is finally up for sale through Better Homes Depot. Shoppers should proceed with caution: BHD paid out more than $600,000 to the city in 1999 for misleading buyers after luring them in with promises of no closing costs and repairs done before the purchase was completed. Now that's not very nice.
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