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RackedWire: Sephora UWS Relocates

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UPPER WEST SIDE—An informant sends in an update on cosmetics and skincare chain Sephora's Upper West Side outpost. "Not sure if this was already on Racked but the Sephora in the Ansonia (Bway bet 73rd and 74th) moved up to 76th and Broadway into a much bigger space. Not sure when it's set to open but I passed by them unpacking merchandise on Sunday night. Probably going to be a huge downside for business, I think half the women who exit the 1/2/3 at 72nd St pop into Sephora on the way home or the way to Fairway. Definitely not as much foot traffic up on 76th/77th at the east side of Bway." This confirms an old rumor posted last year on Curbed. And, in response to another reader's queries about some empty UWS storefronts, the same informant writes, "Re: the Fishs Eddy/Zen Palate/Popcorn space. That space at 77th & Bway has long been known as the forthcoming restaurant associated with the adjacent (in the same building) On the Ave hotel. Saw on Eater awhile back that is supposedly Jeffrey Chodorow project - two restaurants, one for Zak Pelaccio and the other for Tom Valenti (of UWS fame via 'cesca and Ouest)." [RackedWire Inbox]