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Reluctantly, Luxury Stogie Shop Nat Sherman Relocates

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Moving is always a lot of work, but for fancy cigar-makers Nat Sherman, who are throwing open the doors to their new flagship at 12 East 42nd Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues in a few weeks, the process of relocating the store's smokable goods sounds like a royal pain in the ass. In a strange, convoluted article about the retailer in the Times today, we learn a few things about the family-owned company's move and their new location. One: The Shermans did not want to leave the space at 500 Fifth Avenue, but were forced out. "'They made staying in that building rather uncomfortable for us, they made us feel unwanted,' Mr. Sherman said, referring to the owners of 500 Fifth Avenue, a 59-story skyscraper." Two: The Shermans thought that trucking all of the cigars that were stored in a massive humidor at 500 Fifth to North Carolina made more sense than finding a place for them nearby (they'll be trucked back to the city when the new store is ready to open). And three: The decor of the soon-to-open location was inspired by "the set of “My Fair Lady,” and its lead character, Henry Higgins." Sounds loverly.
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