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Opening Ceremony Gains A Celeb-Designed House Brand

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(12:33:05 PM) Trend Watcher: dude did you read that chloe sevigny is doing a line w/ opening ceremony?
(12:34:12 PM) RackedBot: yeah
(12:34:50 PM) Trend Watcher: that's so weird. do you watch big love?
(12:35:30 PM) RackedBot: i've seen it
(12:36:47 PM) Trend Watcher: she's SO unattractive in that show. i think she's a decent actress though
(12:38:02 PM) RackedBot: i feel like it was inevitable that she would try to do a clothing line
(12:40:54 PM) Trend Watcher: she basically launched imitation of christ w/ matt damhave. if it wasn't for her wearing that shit to the awards ceremonies it wouldn't have gotten nearly as much press
(12:41:10 PM) RackedBot: i wonder how expensive it will be
(12:41:39 PM) Trend Watcher: dunno. opening ceremony is torture. so pricey
(12:45:04 PM) RackedBot: ah, chloe is going to be designing opening ceremony's house brand. that's cool. much better than her own line, like Chloe by Chloe sevigny or some shit
(12:48:09 PM) Trend Watcher: i haven't checked that out yet to be honest. oh nevermind. i get it.
· Sevigny's New Fashion Experiment [Vogue UK]