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Pookie & Sebastian, The Forever 21 Of Boutiques

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On an unexpected trip to the Upper East Side last night, we dropped into Pookie & Sebastian on Second Avenue between 77th and 78th Streets. For the uninitiated, P&S is boutique chainlet (there's also one in Murray Hill and two on the UWS) where polyester and other non-natural materials abound, and blatant knockoffs are common. While we were there, we sneaked a snap of this item, a copy of Chanel's shiny calfskin shopping bag, one of several hanging about the store (surprisingly, it is not featured on their website—wonder why?). We don't remember Pookie & Sebastian as being so shameless a few years ago. Either the store's wares have changed, or our tastes have matured.
· Pookie & Sebastian [Official Site]